Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rejuvenate-U and Anecdotal Reports

Rapid Communication for January, 2012:
This is to provide the public with information that may or may not be useful to you:

Within the last month, there are anecdotal reports that Rejuvenate-U has helped with the following: resolving urinary retention, clearing "brain fog", increasing the intensity of vaginal orgasm; giving more energy, obviating the need for anti-hypertensive treatment, obviating the need for continued prescription medication of an anti-depressant drug, and improving Quality of Life.

Not all person(s) may experience these effects, but we feel that is important to bring these anecdotal reports to you in case they may be of help. More research on these topics is needed.

Full disclosure:
Dr. Margaret A. Ferrante has a financial interest in Rejuvenate-U. She has promoted this product because she has benefited from it herself.

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