Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fuzzy Disconnectedness

There is a scientific, mathematical formula that leads to the construction of 'fuzzy connectedness' in computer science and physics. Through fuzzy connectedness, pieces of a puzzle are dismantled and then put together again. This leads to the creation of a new entity, as in pixels of an image that re-emerge as a 2-D or 3-D recreation.

Let me introduce the term, 'Fuzzy Disconnectedness'. While my resources are limited, I am certain that there is a mathematical derivation that can be utilized to assess the incidence of these puzzle pieces when they are unable to connect. When there is a 'disconnect' that occurs, thereby leaving the observer to start all over again.

While we love fuzzy bears and fuzzy wool on a cold day, let me apply the word 'fuzzy' to our lives. It reflects a life that was disconnected (e.g., by trauma, accident, etc.) and then, over time, it is reconnected. But the reconnection does not 'fit' the original model, the original number or order of pixels. Instead, a re-drawing of the whole scheme ensues, and the particles no longer can find one another.

With Fuzzy Disconnectedness, we try to put our lives back together. But when 'Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall'. And as we know, 'all the King's horses and all the King's men could not put Humpty back together again.' There is an inability to 'make' the pieces line up again, a randomness that can not be calculated, a disconnect that can only be re-connected in a long, painful manner.

With Fuzzy Disconnectedness, there is a chance that the pixels will never line up. They will never re-connect to form the original pixels from which it was derived. Instead, the law of gravity, the law of randomness, and the concept of re-writing with all that is left....this is a Fuzzy Disconnectedness of which we need to be aware. 

Like a black hole in space, one tip of the mathematical formula is all that is required. One basic disconnect that is just beyond one's reach. It can never be attained. Ever.

But with resiliency, with perseverance, with hard effort and with time.......the Fuzzy part of the Disconnectedness ends up being Fuzzy enough to reform a new being. The new being is not that which was predicted or derived. The new being is of other forces now, other additions that did not exist at the time that the original pixels were derived. 

Perhaps it is positive attitude, prayer, good luck, God's Blessing, or perhaps it is something as intangible as personality. Whatever that 'spark' is, that is what is needed. It is needed to catalyze a reaction so that a new creation results. The new creation survives time despite odds against this. The new creation was defeated, disabled, dysfunctional, or distorted Fuzziness. The Disconnect was not expected although statistically, it should have been predicted.

Because of Fuzzy Disconnectedness, a new creation arises out of the disarray of pixels that painstakingly were re-mantled over the course of infinite time. Out of it comes this new creation that is made of 'new' bits. For survival, one pixel was disconnected to allow another to increase in magnitude. For togetherness, additional data were inputed in such a way that a new creation was manifested.

So if All the King's horses and all the King's men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again, that does not mean that that is the end of the story. What if one person took great pains, much glue, small instruments, miniscule objects and put them together in such a way that alas! Humpty Dumpty was back together again! But alas again! It is not the 'old' Humpty Dumpty. It is a new, different creation. Perhaps not perfect, hence the Fuzziness. Perhaps not shiny and new, but perhaps filled here and there with true grit, determination, elbow grease, belief, hope, and faith.

Who says the 'new' creation is not as good as, or equal to the 'old' creation?

Is there not a place for asymmetry in nature? And in math? And in fashion and music and sports? Let me propose that it is asymmetry that is the 'glue' that fashions the broken...and through Fuzzy Disconnectedness, new roads and new discoveries are made.

In the end, it is a renovated creation that survived in spite of the odds. The Fuzzy Disconnectedness fashioned a new arsenal, a different being, a huge light in the darkness of the broken and the broken-hearted.

So don't cry. Don't pity yourself. You are not broken. You are a product of this Fuzzy Disconnectedness that pushed you to new and untold bounds of which you were unaware. The scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and all the King's Men......they were not expecting this to result in a new creation, but it did. And so therefore, we should anticipate the impossible. We should be patient and fruitful and stubborn. We should strive. The new creation survived.

It did. And we exist anew. Through the Fuzziness, through the Disconnectedness. 

We are a new creation. Through the Fuzzy Disconnectedness, we are a new creation.


  1. I propose that we need to discuss a new topic :

    Dysautonomia and Mental Health.

    The two are related. Let's talk about it.

  2. You got it. In fact, let's do something like make a new YT video!!


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