Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hope in a New Direction

Well, I'm doing it.  Actually, I did it.  The nice lady just left my house after three sticks.  Eight tubes of blood, urine in a cup, and this time guess what?  It is not because of being sick or in the hospital.  Butterfly needle was 23G, tourniquet was the same tan yellow elastic band, and definitely the smell of an alcohol swab has not changed.  But this time, everything was different.

I am entering a new phase of healthy aging.  All my attempts to get better are at the forefront of my mind, and encapsulated therein is a need to find the best way, enter the best program, try something new.  So I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Since I'm a doctor, I have researched female hormones, the process of aging, the natural declines in muscle mass and the natural increases in body fat.  It's all about losing the good stuff, it seems.  But wait!  I'm just getting started here.  My life is ready to enter another Chapter and I want to gain.

Enter Cenegenics Medical Institute.  Going to get body fat, bone scan, and a host of additional evaluations and tests that will halt time to capture a picture of me, inside and out.  I see there are mostly men in this Program, so here I go again, being different.  Women need strength and healthy aging, too.  We never know about estrogens and progesterones and science sways this way and that on birth control and risks of breast cancer, etc.  Well, I'm going to learn about it and be in a position to forge my own path.

Come along with me.  I do think I will have the "Before" picture that begets lots of room for improvement.

I don't know if I will "like" the program, nor if I will agree with its science.  But I will promise you one thing.  I will find out what it is, how it works, and what it has to offer me.  

Maybe, just maybe, it can offer some Hope in a New Direction.

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