Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Angel Sitting on my Shoulder

...all of my life until the car accident. Now this.

I have to say something about it. Can't just let this one cross my desk without grabbing it for a moment.

Invisible Disabilities Association. I hope everyone realizes that we are alone in our illness, but together we are strong. We are amazing. We are Warriors and Survivors on another land. The land is still called Earth. But we are amongst them on Earth, but not yet with them in their minds.

It is easier to stop now and skip to something else. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to gather together under this 'Umbrella' that has been waiting for Us...for 14 years!!!! Hat's off to you, Wayne and Sherri Connell, who started IDA in an effort to education their own family and friends.

Like an Angel is Sitting on Your Shoulder.....

that is how I view IDA.

We should go there now, in never-before seen numbers. I know there are at least 100,000 people out there that could go join IDA today. Whoosh!


  1. Star Ship Enterprise

    It was invisible to her doctors
    But it was there lurking inside her body
    Making her uncomfortable
    It could happen to anyone,
    Just like you or me
    UTI often goes unnoticed
    Urinary tract infection, to be precise
    Causing other serious problems too
    Just another Invisible Illness, again
    Leading to depression

    Lack of water leads to dehydration
    Leads to infection preventing you from urinating preventing you from flushing toxins out your body where
    Bacteria can build up and remain
    Think water I’m under your spell
    Your power, yes you’re my wishing well

    We have all heard about it from Granny
    Cranberry, but not the cocktail types,
    They don’t cut ice
    They are full of unbeneficial sugars, and
    High fructose corn syrup that will do you no good. 100 percent pure unsweetened cranberry juice is best, though may not taste like paradise. But if you don’t like the taste,
    You can always go down town
    Get cranberry capsules
    From a reputable chemist

    There are of course friendly bacteria
    Probiotics, which are like soldiers fighting for your body. Fighting off bacteria, fighting off infection. But have you ever heard of Lreuteri? It’s very good for urinary tract infection
    So while at the chemist pick some up

    Celery and parsley juice too
    These juices work as a diuretic
    Flushing out those bacteria
    And things out of the bladder
    Relieving the symptoms of urgency
    Characteristic of urinary tract infections
    You can buy them or make your own
    With a juicer; or swipe it from Woollies
    It’s only couple of quid a tin
    II Captain, said Bones,
    You could also try Pyridium for pain


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