Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Children

Well, the Children of the Disabled deserve a glow in the dark toy today...for they are sometimes our Protectors ("Daddy, Mommy fell on the floor again."), sometimes our Caregivers (...but you need to go get your rest), but always our unsung Heros who give us a very reason for living.

Here's to those big eyes looking at us, squinting over and then touching us. To make sure we are still breathing. These children are cognizant of perhaps a mileu of considerations that their peers know nothing about. ("Mommy, why can't you get out of bed?") Perhaps this is to their credit, so that they grow up different.

Noticing that I need help to walk over down the hallway. Coming up the stairs to let me walk down with some one, and not alone. Getting their own bowls of cereal, yogurts, and other snacks while we were sleeping or unable to move. Our little ones are precious. How we pray that God sews onto their hearts a compassion for others that would have not existed. ("She's choking on that drink! Don't give her any more!")

Perhaps they need and deserve more recognition from us. We are the 'sick' ones, laying in the bed while the world goes on around us. Our children develop this visual of us being in bed or laying down much of the time. Does that make them want to rest and lay down more, so that they can be 'with' us? Or does it show them what a wonderful thing it is to be able to get up and 'go'? Just get up and 'go', without thinking about anything.

Without thinking about anything at all, except for the goal of the child's movements. Going here. Going there. Getting up and dancing. Running across the room to get the car keys. Playing outside on the swings. Fishing for lunch or grilling their own grilled cheese sandwich. Our Children are Amazing.

They handle what a lot of adults have trouble handling: a sick person in need. Perhaps a bit needy because of that little thing called, 'balance' and 'gravity'. Gee, if it were not for that little 'balance' thing.....but alas, they are there to remind us of our own innocence, too. Our own futures with them. Will I be able to go into the beach water with my 1 year? in 3 years?

No one knows. But the Children who see us are to be honored. For all that you do, for all that you don't do, for all that you had to learn in order to have one of us for a Parent. Thank you. Wouldn't change a thing in my life. Just take all of the 'positives' and live off of those for a time.

And Children, when you grow up to be Cowboys and Cowgirls, you ride that horse into the wind. You ride it into the gusty and billowing wind, remembering that you are so blessed to be able to get out of the house and run.

Run for us. Dance for us. Get up and dance. Do all the things that we used to be able to do.
Do it for us...because we want that for you. We know you have something that we don't have. Don't feel sorry for give us those Angelic faces (when you are sleeping) go live.
You deserve to live your life to its fullest. Now you grow up and conquer the world. For with prayers and numbers and the power of togetherness, we shall lift you up with our last breath.

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