Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Layers of Awakening

Today I know I am surrounded by love, as my YouTube space Favorite and my Twitter account is now in. We are having some Intensive Care here at home for our child, and it is so nice to receive the love and support from those around us. Mother Renee, my life would be nothing without you. Thank you for everything a Grandma does: laugh, play, spoil, and generally be influential and positive and loving.

Sometimes people evaluate and conclude things about another person, and their conclusions like to 'stick'. No one deserves to die alone, I believe. So if someone sees love in the eyes of another, that love should not necessarily be shunned. It is natural to want love, to need love. But what if you have to make a decision between two people: to love the one and not the other, vs. to have neither of them in ones life, vs trying to patch things up so that both parties find one acceptable. Lots of layers already.

I just want to thank the people who love me now, the people who loved me before my book and before my car accident and before ... I want to do this just so that no more time goes by without sharing my thoughts. I have loved, and am very lucky to have loved in return, several times in my life. I made mistakes, had misinterpreted communications, could not read between the lines, had no impetus to throw myself at a man's feet, and kept busy being a single parent. For the last 3 years, I've been a little busy just staying alive.

I'm so glad for my Father and all he taught me; rocket scientist extraordinare. There are many others to thank in my life. You know who you are. But a special professional 'thank you' goes to my reliable and supportive psychiatrists, Dr. Samuel Albert and Dr. Walter Jacobson.

As I continue to recuperate from a bed-bound state, it is so nice to know that I am not alone. I thank God for you. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated also, I'm sure. Today is today: love to you.

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