Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Applying to CSUN Research Lab as Graduate Student

I thought I would give this a try, to go back to my Alma Mater, CSUNorthridge...and work in the lab of Dr. Victoria Jaque and Dr. Paula Thompson.......I asked one of my previous biology teachers, Dr. Oppenheimer, for a letter of recommendation. In one day, he called me, we reminisced, and wala! Here's the letter for all of you to see, so that you can have HOPE that research help is on the way and already going on!

Margaret Ferrante Letter



To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Margaret A. Ferrante, M.D.

Margaret has been a pioneer all her life. She was one of the best research students in my lab out of thousands over a 38 year period. She did 10X the amount of excellent work compared with other students.

Then she went on to medical school and became a famous medical doctor at the highest levels of U.S. medical practice. She has received awards galore and has authored or co-authored numerous top publications. She has given numerous invited presentations,

building a distinguished worldwide reputation.

As a result of dysautonomia, she no longer practices medicine. All of her life Margaret has been a pioneer. Now she comes full circle, back to CSUN and if admitted to your graduate program, I am confident that she will help make your revolutionary dysautonomia device even more famous than it is today. She’s the best there is.

I believe, in working with the distinguished faculty in your program, Margaret will become one of the most famous dysautonomia research scientists in the world and will help your faculty achieve distinction at an even higher level than they now enjoy.

This work is placing CSUN at the top in an area of great importance to the medical world and to the people with this condition.

I can not remember any recommendation in the past 38 years that will lead to more true distinction in medical research than the one I give to Margaret. She’ll help make CSUN famous and will help your department continue on its path to preeminence in the area of dysautonomia. I give Margaret my strongest possible recommendation.

Thank you.


Steven B. Oppenheimer, Ph.D., Director Center for Cancer and developmental Biology

A Trustees Outstanding Professor, CSU system

Fellow AAAS

PI NIH NIGMS grant program

U.S. Presidential Award

HOPE for the future. CHANGE from the past. LOVE to all of yuo, and please do keep this effort in your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart1

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