Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Well, much ado in YT land. Lots of good, lots of love, lots of work yet to be done.

Wonderful that we have Sandra from Ontario, Canada, to thank for increasing awareness of dysautonomia by putting up the 1st Dysautonomia Awareness booth at her book-signing. This is the biggest blessing I have seen to date, the biggest event, the biggest reason to have Hope for dysautonomia. Sandra is an Angel....she is so selfless and kind. May we emulate her as we grow up in this life. And her husband is a treasure, too. He created a Logo and Sandra created bulletins and .... I am overwhelmed by their generosity and timing. Thank God. The tide is changing, the doors are opening, and He will guide our Path. As always.

Had a migraine on Sunday, and actually got it once arrived to church. I had to lay down on the pew, and I slept through the entire Sermon (which I am sure was good). I was very shaky but could walk just barely one foot in front of the other. Going home was the hardest, taking stair after stair up and up to our room.....thought the stairs would never end. Thank God I have a caregiver, or am sure I would have fallen down the stairs...not a pretty scene. Bruise on my SI joint from falling ?10 days ago, and....my balance seems to be worse. It is worse. I constantly 'almost' fall..when reaching over to pick up the phone, when turning around to walk another way...so here I am.

Just waiting in bed for my caregiver to arrive. She called, and I know she will be here soon. But it is rather spooky to be bedridden with only 2 dogs in the house...I lie calmly in bed, taking no chances of walking around or getting out of bed. So here I am, chained to the bed...and I reach out to this site, this log, to do something. Someday, someone will read this and they, too, shall be blessed in knowing that God is with us in all things.

I should just go back to sleep, but....may be I'll try...it is nice and toasty in the room, and the sun is just starting to shine through the clouds outside. I plan to video my garden's growth today, and put it on YTube. Need to show that life goes on, gardens grow, and gardens need tending. Gotta yank out those weeds, stomp on that planting soil.

My family is front and foremost today, my husband and daughter and son. They leave me here and I do not wilt nor do I gather dust. I just wait in great anticipation for a human being to show up and help me get out of bed......this waiting time is somewhat confusing.

What if I fell and no one was home? ... What if....? So, I eat my dried fruit and nuts and I sip my water, hoping I can get enough in my stomach so that I can swallow all my morning pills, about 15 of them. Yucky swallowing; I don't think I'll ever get used to swallowing pills.

Actually, I thought that by the time I was 80 years old, 'they' better have all the drugs availalble by 'patch', so no swallowing is required. Now I feel 80, I have a neurogenic bladder as if I was 80, and my best friends? Renee. She is my life right now, our tie to the outside, our Mother of baking and cooking for us....because she wants to. What joy she brings to my soul!

All that is takes for evil to prevail, is for one good man to do nothing ~~~ written by someone else...I wish I could place the reference here, properly. Cell message text 'chimes' to me. Off to see what God has in store. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life.

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  1. We are ae your finger tip, just reach for the keyboard.


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