Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reflections of a Little Girl

Our daughter turns eight tomorrow. When we were in the car accident, she was 3 years old. I just look at all that has happened since the MVA (motor vehicle accident) & thank God that above all, His Angel looked over her.

We sometimes forget how difficult this disease is for our immediate family. The family that sees us standing up one day, even Smiling....and then we're on the bottom of the roller coaster the next day, laying in bed as if we actually like it. Well, we like it because uh...we get blood to our heads that way. lol

Where do you do your shopping? My usual place is the gift shop at the hospital or doctor's office, only because it is the most often visited place for me, and I cant just go walking around the mall!

Oh, those days of hanging around the and my friend got in to see 'Jaws' by finding two parents and asking if we could be their daughters. I think they had more fun than we did, they paid for our tickets & even bought us popcorn and candy! Thanks Mom & Dad!

How bad of us, yes. But it was our kind of fun at the time and you know what? I did so many crazy things, so many stupid things, so many dangerous things....that I am just glad to open my eyes in the morning and say hello to another day.

I told Cecilia to do the same, each morning upon awakening. She is my daughter's friend, and she is 7 years old. I have seen much in my medical days, but this hit home as I read the shocking news that Cecilia has a rare and large tumor for which she needs hope. Hope, prayers, and help paying the catastrophic medical bills. Chemotherapy until March, 2011. Radiation therapy that is taking its toll. Loss of hair, loss of weight, and a charming and dear, dear child.

Please go to The Talbert Foundation and see her story there. You will be so grateful to have lived past 7 years old. We, each and every one of us, has so much to be grateful for...even amidst our pain & disease, we have one another to share compassion.

I wish we could help her. I know we can help her. She needs a miracle.
And miracles still happen.

Please pray. She needs a miracle. Thank you so much. You know I would not ask you for anything if I did not need it. For those of you who know me well, you know that I strive to be a true follower of Christ, more than just a good person, and some one who helps others.

I may be disabled and unable to practice medicine in a doctor's office, but check out MrOutcry on YT. Newly diagnosed with POTS, thanks to YT videos and yay! to all of us, to all of you, who suffer yet pray, who sing yet cry, who know what it feels like to live in this body. Please welcome him with open arms and show this outcry of compassion that we can perform! :-).

I thank God for each and every one of you. Please help me show Cecilia our love. It could have been my daughter.
Pray for a miracle.
You have to believe in miracles.
You are one.

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