Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Good are 2849 Friends?

Last month my Caring Friends increased, and this trend continues. There is something in the air and 2011 promises to be new and different!!! :-)

One person makes a difference. And if we get one Caring Friend and then they send me another Caring Friend, it adds up. Why am I encouraging this? Why am I doing this?

To see how many Caring People are out see one person in need and then have one other Friend chime in on goodness. And if we get 6 'likes' and 14 comments, we have people who are interested and who Care.

So far, the group has prayed for several people. One hangs on the thread of life tonight. Katie, who wants everyone to light a candle for every child with leukemia. If it burns out, that represents another child dying of leukemia. The hope is for a cure for these precious children.
Katie is on her deathbed, the family is going through some tough times, and we are here. We pray, support, encourage, follow up, and revisit people to make sure their surgeries went well.

I mentioned Katie and her surgery.... and how many people noted the day of surgery, and/or whether she even made it out of surgery. 14 years old. Presumably lost and forgotten by some FB friends, but not everyone. The ones that Cared and stayed with Katie are exactly why we are here. To make a difference.

If we get 5,000 people who are Caring Friends together, what more can we do? If we help one person at a time, then won't life be better? Won't life be worth some dignity and some compassion? It matters for even one life, one person. That is why we are here.

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