Thursday, March 3, 2011


I know they thought I was going to die. But I just had dysautonomia. They never heard of it, or saw it before. But I knew I did not belong in a Nursing Home. They did not have a diagnosis, for admission. All doctor's orders have to list the Diagnosis. Poof! So it was a good thing I went to medical school twice.....heehee...(that's another story). Or they would have left me for dead not once, but twice.

But check it out:

Thank you, IDA.

To all of you who thought I couldn't ever do anything again, :-P.
To all my old friends that were not with me during this time, I missed you. Thanks for not being there.
To all my friends who stuck with me through all... thank you.

To all of you, my new friends in this new life with its own splendors, look forward to the future of 2011 with me! Together, we are strong! LoLv.

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