Friday, May 20, 2011

I Used to Think that God Made a Mistake on Me

...and it is good to know that others have felt the same way. One time, while washing the formaldehyde off our hands at the Anatomy Class sink, two people stood together. Each in his/her own world. And once these words were spoken, it left an indelible ink.
And I was incredulous in my reply. In fact, I was just plain old stupified. I never had any one say anything about God or mistakes in my life. Not before this. Not in the way where it really made me think. So in a daze, I walked away with a 'thank you' in my eyes...and my eyes traced the floor.

The Anatomy Lab was clean, and Mr. Abramson had taught hundreds of medical students the everlasting and time-immemorial anatomy of the human body. Mr. Abramson was clean. He smelled like aftershave my father would wear, and he had great breath because he was always chewing gum. In sharp contrast to the formaldehyde, he was our representative of the 'outside world' of Anatomy Class. In great honor in respect, we toiled day and night to memorize how each major artery feeds through a certain hol

And if a muscle was tagged, we knew which nerve pierced which muscle, and the name of both of them. There was a certain repetitious method as we braved the honor and the blessing to learn the insides of the human body.

That first day, simply surreal in its moments, was shared by all. In the process, we bonded and were humbled at the fantastic manner in which the body exists and survives.

And then I realized that God only makes us to be that which we can be. We are not the same as God. Of course we are much ‘below’ Our Maker, and we differ in the very fiber of our beings and in our ways. He is a Master Creator, a real being of pure love.

So if He knows what is going to happen to us, and He tells us to not worry about it, we learn that everything happens for a reason. Maybe that reason will not jump out and identify itself before us. Maybe we will only reflect on life much later on, well afterwards. Maybe it is a test. Like a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System. To see what we really do. To see how we really are. How we act. Our deeds. Does our nature put God in our lives only when we need Him? Do we ask Him for things but never come to Him in thanks and praise?

If we have a relationship with God and His Son Jesus, then that infinite love is going to work. The light always wins over the darkness. If you flip on the light, the darkness goes away. It’s a rule of physics, the way of the world. Like gravity. It should be like gravity to us.

So instead of wondering how bad my life is, I’m just going to trust in God. That’s all I know how to do.

And if He throws little signs my way, I’ll take them! So here’s my wish for you. I wish that we all prayed like little children, so pure and innocent. I wish that God shows Himself in our lives. And I thank Him for His Goodness and His Mercy. In the mouth of a whale, Jonah cried out to God. Jonah did not ask for help. He did not ask for mercy. All He did was Praise God and Praise God and Praise God.

How much more, with Jesus on our side, do we need to know? God does not change. He is always the same. If He did it once, He will do it again.

Today, I asked for a miracle. Tens of people summoned and tens of people responded. I’ll wait for it to happen. In God’s time, it will happen. In the meantime, I will be diligent to His Word, to Our Maker, and to Our Lord. This is my biggest goal in life. To watch miracles happen. To let them unfold. For me and for you. And for our children.

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