Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Song is in My Head


This little whisper has been speaking to me.

It is a still, small voice that seems to speak into my right ear.

The softness and the patience are so sweet. My mind moves from itself, and listens to this voice.

The voice is telling me to write another book!

So I started two days ago, and have a first draft of the first 4 Chapters. Shhhh.

But I need help. A song is in my head this morning, and I need to know the Title of the Song, the Singer, and the words.

It is the voice of a lady. She is desperately pleading, "Don't stop. You don't have a reason.....You know it's good. You know it's good. You know it's real good...... Ah. I know what you're thinking. Please tell me 'cause it hurts. Don't tell me 'cause it hurts.....You know it's good. You know it's real good..."

Calling all Caring Friends!

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