Sunday, March 4, 2012


It has writings and research. Extensive research with no categories.

There are phases that are mentioned, and 'telephone interviews' abound as the basis for the research. A great cliff exists between Australia, Argentina, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. But computer technology abounds, and exists to negate this cliff. Today is the day for newness, for change.

'Volunteering' information is a rare occurrence. Physicians 'asking' about it is also rare. So how do we know about it? How can we hope to know more?

We need to talk about it. Private conversations, Comments, Sharing, Tweets, Posts, Telephone Calls. But they can not end up with a 'hang-up'. They have to end up with a Conclusion. There has to be a Master Control Center for all the information to be dialed in. Logged in. Data tabulated. Demographics and classifications, orderly and concise.

How can something that is not talked about reach the place where it is Categorized and Assessed, Concluded and Described...and then Make Progress? What kind of Progress can be made?

What is the topic? What is it?

Female Sexuality.

See and Click on the Survey at the top right of the page.

We have to start somewhere. So...



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