Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1 and Now Google Knows Where you Are and What you Do

Keeping you aware of your Computer and Internet issues. This time, it is all about Privacy. Have you heard the great controversy that Google has generated? Well, now you don't have to be a "techy" to be informed. Here is the "techy" version, boiled down for you in a snippet.

The issue is this: As of today, the master giant powerhouse Google is allowed to keep track of your Google searches, your You Tube and all web activity (i.e., all the sites you visit), and your location.

Both sides of this Debate, in a Nutshell:
Plus: Google's reason for linking your Google+, You Tube, Searches, gmail: to provide more customized Searches for you when you do a Search. Customized blends are tailored for you, and not the next person. There are many other reasons that Google lists for this change, but they are too long to list here.

Minus: They know where you are, what you Search, and the Websites you visit. Privacy is lost.

To enable this feature, simply do nothing. So, if you are reading this blog, at least you know that Google is watching what you do and where you are.

To disable this feature, it can be done with a click.
1. How to disable your Web History (Credit Matt Elliott/CNN):
    a. Sign into your Google account
    b. Type into your browser
    c. Do recent Searches and Websites show up? Your History is "enabled".
    d. To "disable" it, Click a gray "Remove all Web History" button at the top right.
    e. Then Click "OK"
2. Many people also use anything but a "-gmail" email account for YouTube and Google+.
3. In "disabling" this feature, the log of your sites visited and your whereabouts are also "disabled".
4. To undo it, just Click the Blue "Resume" button.

Additional options for improved Privacy on the Internet 
(already Posted in a Previous Blog, but repeated here for your convenience) (Credit Jeffrey Jones):
1.  Use anything but "Google" to do an Internet Search.
2.  Alternate Search Engines:
3. For YouTubers who like the old format, try:

Hat's off to you! You are in charge of your Future!

Now Onward & Forward!

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