Friday, August 24, 2012

Cenegenics Medical Institute

Well, update for you.  I made this video while sitting at LAX.  There was a man sitting next to me and he was talking on his cell phone about a girl he was dating.   I heard him say, "Yeah, she is acting like she is in this as a commitment.  Yeah, she is saying all the right words as if she is here for the long haul."  Well, even though I'm sitting here in Las Vegas not liking the smell of cigarettes in the hotel, I can tell you one thing.

I am thinking of making a commitment to Cenegenics Medical Institute, both for myself and for others.  I'm going to be evaluated by Cenegenics Medical Institute tomorrow.  They will do all sorts of evaluations, and I have to bring gym clothes to be prepared for some exercise testing.  Hmmm.  This will be interesting.

Why am I doing this?  Because I was a patient, a very sick patient.  Who was a doctor.  Because I am a doctor, a scientist, and a person who does not want to go to the doctor when I'm sick.  I want to be well.  In fact, no, I want to be the "most well" that I can be...based on today's science, research-driven results, and well, the best that I think is offered outside of health insurance.

No, I am not going through private health insurance.  Everything is paid for out-of-pocket.  Not for the faint-hearted, and no it is not cheap.  I'll be spending Hmmm,  say $4,000 on one day of tests and evaluations, plus blood work has already been drawn.  After tests and studies, I'll spend the end of the day with a Cenegenics doctor doing a professional evaluation for 2 hours.  And my Program may cost an additional monthly fee for supplements.  I know that this may cost upwards of $1,000/month.   But I am committed to my health.

The Cenegenics doctors will come up with an plan for me, that is based on my specific test results.

...and then on Monday, I will start a 7-day Physician Training Program so that I can learn to do what the Cenegenics doctors do.  I have already taken Modules of Course I, about eight examinations on different areas: nutrition, exercise, hormones, and aging.

Notebook, check.
Gym clothes, check.
Ride from the hotel to the Institute in the morning, check.

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  1. So my Executive Health Examination showed several things. One of the important findings is that my HbA1C is elevated. For those that do not know, this blood test is a marker of blood sugar (glucose) levels over the last 3 months. So, I am pre-diabetic. How long has it been this way? How much longer could I have gone without knowing about it? We will never know. The most important thing is that I know it now, and I am So Glad to know this! Now THAT is what I call Preventive Medicine. Thank You, Cenegenics Medical Institute!


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