Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last night, I spoke to a friend who knows about mitochondrial!?!.. involvement in ..dysautonomia!?!. This friend will refer us to a friend!?! who has a passionate.... scientific! ...interest! in dysautonomia! (Of all the things in the world.) Our friend was saying, "How Coincidental" (To me, coincidence = 'Catch phrase' for G_d is paving the way before me, and All Things Are Working Together For Good. Would like the scientists to do video in my series. Please pray that this comes about in G_d's Time.

P.S. Just how 'coincidental'.?!!! Of all the friends, unbeknowingst to us, this friend has this Passion for Dysautonomia. For Dysautonomia...of all the tens of thousands of diseases in the entire world interesting. And to boot, another friend who shares this Passion, scientifically. How much G_d's Answer(s) to Prayers, also touches us with His sense of humor, like a lightening bolt from the Heavens. We were blown away. Jaw drop to floor.

P.S.S. Now we have 2 more professionals (the friend, and the friend's friend), who will participate in Our Cause and 'for' us. G_d is working in the background all the time, waiting for His perfect timing, working in His own Ways.

P.S.S.S. The friend stated that Dysautonomia is becoming a 'buzz' of scientific interest........@*%&$@*@*_!!!.............Wow. After all the above, we have G_d's confirmation that the Cause, the 'snowball' of "The Invisible Disease" (I hereby dub it that) is turning into an 'Avalanche'.

No surprise. This is what we have been praying for right?

For G_d to open the doors ahead of us that need to be opened, and for G_d to close the doors ahead of us that need to be closed. Guide us in our footsteps, in our Path for His Purpose. I am dead to myself and G_d has free reign to the future. :-). THANK G_D. Highest Personal Regards, Dr M

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