Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2009

Well. Fantastically erratic, emotional weeks have passed. Grandma's brother died, then did his daughter. Then another brother needs surgery. After the last funeral, Grandma came home to find fresh cannollis from Philadelphia, right on her doorstep. How much like God, to remind us of Him in all things.

Then little one went on Field Trip, is rapidly maturing and being so nice to Mommy.
Daddy is busy and busy....and BBQ tonight was fantastic!

Migraine headache today; puked 4 times this am and could not get out of bed. Could not sleep; ice pack to head, near the right temporal artery, where my pulsations always occur.

Dysautonomia1, Lynn Fox Adams, got flowers today and is doing well, after lysis of clot in her port-a-cath. PRAISE GOD she did not undergo surgery.

Last but not least, Andrew saw my cardiologist, Dr. David Cannom at Good Samaritan Hospital TODAY and....all his anwers to prayers seem to be falling in Andrew's lap now, as we shared our exhiliration after the doctor visit. To think that doctors always think we are faking, pretending, as if we would not rather be skiing the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Andrew will be a Leader, increasing awareness and just....being himself. For that, my soul cries out in pure joy.

I have to finish work on my father's death. You know that I hear their voices at night, you know that I cry in my sleep. 2010 is the Year of Accomplishments, and I will have to press on, even though I don't know how I am going to do that. Of course, God will help me through all. But...this will be and is, very difficult for me.

Kyli has another group, and wants to submit a film to the International Film Festival. Grand idea~ if any one can make this happen, I know that Kyli can. That is why she is Chief Resident.

Today, I sang 'Over the Rainbow' by Iz, in Hawaii. It is so beautiful that I am unable to get it out of my head. This is my assigned voice lesson song...he-he- may even play on stage, but I would need sunglasses on because of photophobia.

Saw my neurologist today; had not seen him for over a year, as I 'switched' over to go back to him. He's known me since the car accident, and did not recognize me atall. After some questioning, we realized he didn't know that I have urinary incontinence. Makes me 80 years old, and THANK GOD I don't have bowel incontinence.....we have to accept our blessings. So I'm set up for some imaging, and in the meantime....Dr J D will look at my images (brain MRI) and get a special radiologist to look at it.

Am thinking everyone should send in their MRIs to the same place, so a radiolgist can come up with some classification of our brainstem defect, especially before dysautonomia progresses to Multiple System Atrophy.

I thank God for all that I have lived. I thank Him for tonight, and for soon as the sun rises. LOLove on YT; we are accomplishing much. Ta-ta for now. Gotta try to sleep. Lots of Love, and may you always be able to Leave Everything and Follow Christ.



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