Friday, March 19, 2010

Earlier Letter;
crazy days. God is my strength.

What is today?
To be sure, it is funeral day. Actually, prayer time and then? Palm Springs to a Mosque.....Dr. Rashad died and I am writing this as an automated message:
I called and left telephone message #2.

I plainly introduced myself as You Tube Channel dysautonomiaMD and the lady who answered the telephone said, " I handed him the first message".

He has called, I think...but I don't recall the #, so it must've gone to mailbox. I got one message that was very kind and had a certain accent.

Gotta go to internet, to look up of death for prayer today.
So you are the only one I am going to answer, and if I could say anything to every one, it would be to act like you are going to a funeral every day. Funerals are there for a dark as reasons can be....but Dr. Rashad died a kind, Christian man who the Angels bursted out in choir, both in his spiritual rebirth, and now in his 'real rebirth'. He left a legacy of the epitamy of how to live a humble life, and we rejoice in knowing that his soul went to Heaven. Mine did, and I wrote a book on that. So no one can tell me otherwise. Because I know. I've been there.

All glory to God,
Your Dr. Margaret

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  1. You rock! I can't believe you made it to grad school with that super score. I did not study for my GRE either because I was busy working and raising three kids and I got around 450 too, but I got in. My letters of recommendations helped, too, I am sure, but I had to also make a decent score, so I think your 450 is pretty good.

    You have so much strength. Now you know the type of personalities I have to deal with at that school! I know the Principal sets the tone, and it's too bad when bad leaders lead good people. The good people have to follow if they want to keep their job. I will pray for the good and bad that work with him. You are making a difference.

    I have to meet with all these people on the very day you are in surgery, at 12 noon sharp, so I think that must be a sign from God for you to have so much energy to keep calling. My little boy is walking again after having rested all day, Hallelujah!

    You grieve and let the tears wash away your woes. After the rain, comes the blooms and new roots. Bless you for all you have done.

    The pediatric cardiologist is finally "getting it" and has referred us to UNC Chapel Hill for testing for toxicity. I have contacted the local media and CBS news. Let's see where God takes this. I am doing my part the very best I know how, as I know you are.




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