Friday, March 19, 2010

This is how my day starts:

OMGosh. I'm going to a funeral, and be sure of this: My conversation with the principal wlll be of great clarity. I also had conversational evidence that made me feel that he was walking a fine line on the Principal/Doctor rope. I can veryify that for you now, which is why I am writing this note. We are on the way to a funeral. I must go. But I had to do this first....and I also called the office again, was told that he wan't there; was told that she had given him the first note and then 3) I do believe that she hung up on me? You know, I'm going to call again to clarify that issue...I spoke perhaps to a mrs. smith or a mrs. branch... mrs. marsh answered mrs ? went over the whole story....bla bla bla so I called back a third time and it was mrs. hunter again...spoke sweetly to her and made it clear that 1) "Mrs" so and so and "Mrs." so and so can also call me "Dr." since we're all given deference to our own titles. Perhaps she did not like it too much...actually, it was awkward, but I also had to tell her that 2)I felt that she hung up on me two times, and 3) I called back the third time this am and got 'Mrs." hunter again. After telling her that I felt she hung up on me again, she then said, "Is it OK to hang up now? ......and I felt that was quite the attitude so I just said, "God bless you and you have a nice day, too." I will request to ask from some one besides her So already, I have what I feel is that I have a full flavor of what you have been through. so I called again and Mrs Marsh answered the phone. I went through the whole thing with Mrs. Marsh and thank God...she told me that I could talk to her instead. So I will do that, and I want that to be perfectly clear. Gotta get ready and go. I love you, I told you I will do everything that I can for you, but here, telephone is best. Seems it will cause quite a stir in that office. Wow. God Bless Us All, You "Stick Together" Close Friend of the Family, Dr. Margaret...................................have a great day. whew. Now I can grieve.

Unbelievable. What is this world made of? There are still some sweeties in the world, such sweet people who exude sweetness and niceness and courtesy and really...have a nice day. Thank God for kind souls, for people who understand that I just want to talk to the Principal. It Feels to me like the Project of the Day, and I am too tired now....Off to funeral. Thank God there are still some kind people out there.

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  1. What a coincident, you found my video today.


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