Monday, March 8, 2010

Letter to a Pastor

Hi Pastor George, Your PM is so sweet; thank you so much. As it turns out, Dr. Paul Marcott also did my cervical spine surgery at UPenn 10 years ago...Because of the dysautonomia, I can't travel but God has been so good. Praise His Holy Name! Scheduled for anterior fusion, C56 and C67 on March 22. The neurosurgeon graduated from USC like I did, and he was Mike's partner at UCLA before moving over to Good Samaritan Hospital, where my cardiologist is. In fact, they are on the same floor. :-). And it turns out that the radiologist who read my MRI is the same person I gave a surprise baby shower to...few years ago, before the accident. No one else in the church seemed to notice she was pregnant, so I gave her a Big Bang of a baby shower :-). Full circle here. Full circle there...God has His Almighty hands in all things. I'm still absorbing this info, as the decision was just made to schedule a date. Wow. Who would have ever thought that Larry would be cutting on my neck? Will keep you posted. You are one of the first ones to know. Of course, the risk of anesthesia is considerable.....and they will place an arterial line, etc., give me a special anesthesiologist, etc., .... but I knew this would happen and I feel fine. God is with me..... ...and speaking of God, could you please do a vid asking people to pray for me? I know that the Power of Prayer in numbers is intense.....I have so many plans for the future....and I know that whether I live or I die, I am dead to myself and alive to all will be fine. Hoping my urinary incontinence, balance, vomiting, migraines ease up after the surgery; some hold that cervical spinal stenosis is a cause of dysautonomia. There is great hope for a full recovery; I believe this is what God wants for me. Lots of Love, Your Sister in Christ, Margaret xoxoxo

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