Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I threw up my breakfast again...

March 12, 2010

So yesterday I puked in the am but felt better afterwards, which is not the usual I jumped (not literally) into the Range Rover and Slept all the way to Ontario, bought a bed for Grandma to come over, and never saw so much beautiful furniture at such low was like Disneyland...

But alas, I was so tired and my skin pallor changed to white. I could feel the black circles under my eyes...and the sales lady was so patient with me. We had to stop to eat lunch, cheese pizza and Caesar salad for me, thank you very much. AAhhhh. Nutrition. I could feel strength going to my bones, my affect, my soul, my head. When the transaction was completed, I slept all the way home.

Trying to rest and not get another migraine before surgery. It would be nice to be as 'healthy' as any of us can be before major surgery. I know in my heart that it is only your prayers, your thoughts, which provide food for my soul. May you all share in this good energy, this spirituality which we all share together. It is a Force that none of us can deny.

Lots of Love as we clean my bedroom, in preparation for surgery. Don't want clutter around, do we? :-) I like a clean house. Off and working on what ever I can. Please you do the same....what ever you can do, do the best. What ever is your best, that is all that you can do.

And try a little is always worth that little bit of effort :-).
Off to make a few things to finally go out in the postage; thanks for your patience, PastorJeff and TJ and International Relations, Belgium!

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