Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Called the Sheriff Today

Can you believe my laptop was reportedly stolen?

From my house...by my dresser....and I know it was there.

It is just disheartening to live through such things. One tries to do good, to spread God's Word, to live for Jesus, to obey His Commandments....and the greatest of all is love, so we strive to love one another.

I warned others of this plight in a YT video on Caregivers...and so here I am again....on YT, someone was arguing with me about working too hard or not being appreciated...and we had a nice conversation. But now it does not seem right to go back and post another video or comment further. Another event happened.

We have to be nice, but we have to watch out for ourselves. If Satan comes in to our lives, be it in the form of a puzzling, lost friendship for no apparent reason, or in the form of a theft of personal property in a house, it is a crime. Both are crimes.

So I guess that my message here is to not gossip about one another. Gossip is a sin and it spreads false thoughts, lies, melodrama spun up into a web of laughter as Satan spits in our face. I will listen to gossip no longer. I will concentrate on my life, and that of my family, especially my daughter. Friend turned foe....and for what? Because of something that some one else said? Please..never believe gossip..know it when you see it. And just say it, "I don't like to participate in gossip" or "I don't want to know any gossip, because people have gossiped about me before when things were not true, and I .. I .. Suffered. So I don't want to make any one suffer like they made me suffer before.

So watch the words, the tones, the love, the laughter that emerges from your lips. What? Did I just say that? Your words are your reflection to the world...and words matter.

Consider that God spoke the earth into being with His Words. Consider Jesus performed miracles, based on faith, with His Words....that words can bring life or reduce some one to tears. So let me watch my words, dear Lord. So that I may not sin against you.

Amen. Thank you. I miss Hillary. SamiBebe2 is slowly leaving us, and who is her friend? How much regret will I have for not helping others, when I could have? God Please forgive us for our sins...and if you are guilty of spreading gossip, just stop. Listen to yourself. Is it of love? Is it to uplift some one else? Is it the Word of God? Are your words creating life?

May our words always create the life of Jesus for others to see in us. For they are searching for a place to go, and they need to come to join the rest of the flock, so that Jesus can be our Shepherd.


  1. I am so sad to hear you going through this. I myself have dropped out of dysautonomia support groups for the same reasons, when the only option given for remaining with the group was to act outside of love for fellow humans. Setting gentle limits is a loving act of consistency.

    The positive people will react with apologies and solutions, and the others will go away if they choose. Sadly some will not be dissuaded from doing harm to others unless it becomes too risky or expensive for them to act on their negative thoughts. Maybe if open to it some people will learn how unwise it is to believe gossip, slander, libel, etc. through more people educating others about it.

    Sometimes people can be very oppositional for no reason. Others steal because they think it helps them survive. At least hopefully the crime will be solved, and the police can help. We had a similar problem, it is very sad really. It is hard for me as a disabled person to hear a carer has done this to you.

    On a positive note, I saw something on Twitter today -
    Autonomic dysfunction presenting as postural tachycardia syndrome following traumatic brain injury.: Conclusions: ...


    Best regards,

  2. Dr. Maggie, so sorry to hear the unfortunate incidents causing grief and loss of friendship in support group, I hope matters will change for the better in the near future, lolv. Your friend me.

  3. Dr.Maggie, EastsideDefender is my new eMail @GMX, Tong

  4. Wishing you all the best and hoping that 2011 is a Great Year for us all! I love you and thank you for staying with me. LoLv :-).


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